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John Blossom


Thanks so much for your insights on social media and for your kind observations of my efforts in social media. You present some compelling links and data that, hopefully, get people thinking about their social media strategy. Too often companies look at a new publishing technology and fail to see the people who are using those technologies - their customers, partners and suppliers. If you had a customer offering you free insights in a focus group, most companies would jump for joy. But many of those same companies look at the opportunity to harvest similar insights from social media and draw a blank. Some companies spend countless millions trying to build personal relationships with their most important market contacts. Yet social media offers staff on all levels of an organization to build multi-dimensional relationships with clients and prospects on a daily basis very cost-effectively.

There can be waste in social media, just as there is apparent waste sometimes in any activity that uses social processes to build insights. But humans are complex, and successful organizations must leverage that complexity rather than ignore it. So onward, "laggards" - it's only your markets that are at stake.

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